Redmud Green Energy Application Process - Phase 1

This application process outlines what you can expect throughout the process of engaging Redmud Green Energy. The below information pertains to Phase 1 of the application process, which covers the initial stages of the application and is a prelude to construction beginning on a specific site.


1.1 Conduct a site visit

Selecting an ideal site for your Solar Farm is imperative. Before any work can begin on your site, you will need to appoint Yates Electrical Services to conduct a site assessment on your property. This site assessment will determine several key factors, including the viability of your project in relation to the location of the distributor’s high voltage infrastructure, the local council zoning of the land you have available, any existing infrastructure on the property, and ultimately whether your location will be financially viable.

1.2 Establish your Design

Once it has been determined that your site is a viable option for a Solar Farm, you will need to generate an initial design, providing a site plan and a bill of materials for the project.


1.3 Engage a Draftsman

Based on your design, a draftsman will provide you a detailed site plan which will include the location and orientation of the solar panels and equipment required in relation to the boundaries and any existing infrastructure on your site, it will also show fencing and screening and any other necessary requirements from your local council for the development application.


1.4 Engage an Protection Engineer

An engineer will provide a single line diagram which will need to be included in your submission for your Network Study to SA Power Networks. This single line diagram will show the location of the main transformer, the main switchboard and solar inverters, and will also include cable lengths and sizes required for your installation based on your site design. An Engineer will also provide the design and set points for the network protection unit which is mandatory for any solar systems above 30kW in South Australia.


Note: If you are constructing your solar farm on existing infrastructure, a structural engineering report will be required.

1.5 Submit a Development Application

Your Local Council will require a Development Application submitted and approved before you can continue on with your Redmud application process. 

Your Local Council will require: 

• A detailed site plan from your draftsman

• A copy of your certificate of title

• The installation manual for your solar framework

• The structural engineering approval from your framework provider 

• The solar panel specifications

The Council approval will be received in two stages, Planning Approval and Building Approval. Once you have both your Planning Approval and Building Approval, you can commence construction of your Solar Farm on your site.


1.6 Engage SA Power Networks

Once you have your site plan, single line diagram and network protection unit settings you will complete and submit an Application to Connect a Large Embedded Generator Form to SA Power Networks to connect your Solar Farm to the Electricity Network. 


1.7 Your Letter of Offer

Once SA Power Networks have reviewed your submission, they will provide you a formal Letter of Offer which provides SA Power Networks the authority to perform a Network Feasability Study on your site. This study will provide you with the Conditions and Requirements from SA Power Networks to connect your Large Scale Solar System to the network. You will need to accept this letter of offer and return it to SAPN for processing. They will then carry out a Network Feasability Study on your site, and upon completion of the study will provide you with a Connection Agreement.


1.8 Receive a Connection Agreement from SAPN

Your connection agreement provides you the augmentation costs, infrastructure upgrade costs, charges and requirements from SA Power Networks to upgrade the network adjacent your site, dependent on what additional works need to be performed on the network prior the the connection of your Small Scale Solar Farm. This agreement consists of contestable and non-contestable works.

Contestable works:

Are works that you are able to undertake using a third party contractor of your choice, alternatively you can appoint SA Power Networks to perform these tasks.

Non-contestable works:

Are works which must be completed by SA Power Networks.


1.9 Obtain a SEG Number

Once you are financial with SA Power Networks and you have accepted their Connection Agreement, SAPN will provide you with a Small Embedded Generator (SEG) number. This number will give you approval to connect your Solar Farm to the Electricity Network.



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