Redmud Green Energy’s base Solar Farm layout consists of an 800 panel, 200kW North facing 25˚ array, and require a footprint of approximately 1.2 acres of land. 

In the correct conditions, a 200kW Solar Farm will produce approximately 1 Megawatt hour of electricity per day. 

Our research suggests this is the most suitable size to allow the Solar Farms to remain affordable and generate sufficient income to offset construction and material costs, while still being large enough to allow the associated unit trust connected with a Solar Farm access to the National Electricity Market.

The National Electricity Market (NEM) is a platform on which electricity is traded throughout the states of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Prices are determined based on factors of supply and demand, which is updated at 5 minute intervals. These prices can swing from a bottom limit of -$1000 to an upper limit of $14,000 per Megawatt hour of generation, as opposed to fixed Megawatt/hour rates which residential solar systems receive from Electrical Retailers.

With the ideal conditions and high demand, a single site could potentially generate its annual return in just a three day period.

In addition to the energy traded on the Spot Market, the Solar Farms also generate Large Generation Certificates (LGC’s). Each Megawatt Hour of generation is equivelant to one LGC. LGC’s can be created and traded through a Green Energy broker.


Investors can purchase units in the individual unit trust associated with a Solar Farm and receive dividends on the generated electricity created by the Solar Farm.

Outright Purchase

Investors may also wish to purchase a Solar Farm without provision for unit holders by seeking their own land, or arranging a lease agreement with a land-owner.


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